Eight Essentials of Wellbeing - The Key to Self Care - Presented Dr Carolina Gonzalez

We’re stoked to have one of Australia’s holistic health gurus travelling to the Coromandel to share her story and learnings at CoroVibes Wellness Festival!

Dr. Carolina Gonzalez (TCM) is an inspiring force in the field of holistic health. 

She is one of Australia’s leading doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine and has spent more than two decades supporting the health of thousands of Australians, including some of the countries’ most prominent, media, sports and business leaders, allowing them to achieve their best-life. 


Over the last 20 years Carolina has run a wellness centre Melbourne, Australia specialising in holistic preventative health. Although the practice emerged from Traditional Chinese Medicine, Carolina's unique approach has evolved to incorporate various Western medical disciplines including genetics and cellular health, as well as spiritual practices such as positive psychology and meditation. 

Although Australian now, Carolina was born in El Salvador. In the 1980’s, when she was 9, her family fled the war-torn country. Prior to leaving, Carolina witnessed extreme violence and suffering, and yet also extreme love and joy through the diversity of war. This experience shaped her outlook and is the reason she has dedicated her life to helping others achieve wellbeing against what might seem to be immovable obstacles. 

Carolina’s philosophy is simple: that there are a handful of key essentials that can enable or inhibit our overall wellness. At the CoroVibes Festival, Carolina will share her 8 Essentials Of Wellbeing: The Keys To Self Care.