Welcome to CoroVibes!

Welcome to CoroVibes!

Welcome to the CoroVibes blog.

We’ve set a lofty goal of starting the Coro’s first Wellness festival, so pencil in 17-19 October 2019 with Tairua being the location. We’re both fizzing to be putting something big like this together, sometimes you have to take a leap and do something that takes you out of your comfort zone.

The event is going to be held over three days with a focus on wellness speakers and workshops to do with the mind, body and spirit. Festival goers will be able to immerse themselves in everything to do with wellbeing, from nutrition to exercise and movement, meditation and mindfulness, self love and positivity.  A cooking stage at the festival will play host to some of the Coromandel and New Zealand’s best chefs, showing festival goers how to best cook homegrown local produce in healthy ways. 

We’re staging the event, to open peoples eyes to the wide range of avenues people have to get and stay physically and mentally well. At the same time, the festival will draw people into the area, for a chilled out experience aligned with the local environment and values. 

We’ve both been through our own ins and outs of being well and unwell, and certainly not putting ourselves out there as a picture of Wellness....yet!! We’re using the project as a learning curve ourselves, both getting in shape physically and mentally in the process, learning from the many cool people getting involved.

We’re looking forward to sharing our journey in the build up to the festival here.

Thanks for your support.

Love, Carl & Tia.