Womens Wellness with Melissa Vranjes Yoga

Melissa Vranjes is a yoga teacher, women’s hormone and sexual wellness advocate from Auckland, New Zealand. Melissa has been creating a space, both online and in-person, to bring real issues to the table where they can be discussed openly between women from all walks of life (and the occasional brave man).


She has trained as a yoga teacher in Bali, Mexico, Spain, India, and the UK and recently returned from her second trip to India where she studied women’s sexual wellness. Her own journey taught her just how much of the picture is missing, which spurred her passion to share her learnings and empower other women to learn more about their bodies.

Melissa will be talking about menstrual cycle awareness and how to work with your cycle, stress in the body, hormonal imbalances, how to start healing your hormones naturally, menstrual cycle and women’s sexual wellness.